might on monday

The idea of Might on Monday is to post a book you are unsure whether or not it is for you. Hopefully people will reply and say whether or not they have read the book and tell you what they thought it.

My book this week is Cloud Atlas.

cloud atlas

A postmodern visionary who is also a master of styles and genres, David Mitchell combines flat-out adventures, a Nabokovian love of puzzles, a keen eye for character, and a taste for mind-bending philosophical and scientific speculation in the tradition of Umberto Eco and Philip K. Dick. The result is brilliantly original fiction that reveals how disparate people connect, how their fates intertwine, and how their souls drift across time like clouds across the sky.

I have this book and I started it a few years ago, only managed to get a couple of pages in. I have heard it can be hard to get into. Have you read it? What did you think?

What book might you read on Monday?

Happy reading, bookworms.