skeleton key

Skeleton Key (Alex Rider 3) by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider has been through a lot for his fourteen years. He’s been shot at by international terrorists, chased down a mountainside on a makeshift snowboard, and has stood face-to-face with pure evil. Twice, young Alex has managed to save the world. And twice, he has almost been killed doing it. But now Alex faces something even more dangerous. The desperation of a man who has lost everything he cared for: his country and his only son. A man who just happens to have a nuclear weapon and a serious grudge against the free world. To see his beloved Russia once again be a dominant power, he will stop at nothing. Unless Alex can stop him first… Uniting forces with America’s own CIA for the first time, teen spy Alex Rider battles terror from the sun-baked beaches of Miami all the way to the barren ice fields of northernmost Russia. Come along for the thrilling ride of a lifetime.

The third book in the Alex Rider series, it lived up to expectations, it was full of action and adventure. It was good to see some adult spies that did not want him to do any spywork, that may sound mean, but come on, all the ones at MI6 seem to be okay with him risking his life and don’t really seem to care, apart from Mrs Jones, who I think is a brilliant character. I like it when she stands up to her boss, in defense of Alex. The story was good, it was like two stories in one. I know Alex says he does not want to be a spy, but he really does not show it, he keeps going back, and since there is 9 books, possibly more on the way, I am guessing he keeps on going.

The story was good, believable and shows how mature Alex is, he may be fourteen but he doesn’t act like it most of the time, although he has his moments. I like how he has a possible love interest, he does not seem to have any friends, which I am not too keen on, especially when he seems like a really nice person, smart and funny. I was a clever way that Alex “beat” the adult spies, it made sense, a little over the top but a great read. I am looking forward to the fourth book in the series.

Four out of Five stars