The idea is to write a short paragraph or two on what you see in the picture, take some inspiration from it and write about any genre you want. Post your short story in the comments and let us all read them. This is not a competition, just a way for people to let their creative side out. Hopefully this will be on once a week.

You can write any genre you want, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, as long as it’s your own work. The idea is to have fun and share in each others creativity.


I do not own any rights to the picture, it’s use is solely for inspiration purposes.

My Contribution

A young boy stood on his dads fishing boat as the whole sky was set on fire. The volcano above their village was erupting for the first time in hundreds of years, just like the shaman said. The elders hadn’t listened, they said it wasn’t going to happen and banished the shaman for fear mongering.

His dad had believed the shaman and his boy out to sea to wait it out. From their vantage point in the sea, they could sea that the glowing lava was destroying the whole village, their screams were thick in the air. Their whole village gone in an instant. His dad just kept in sailing.

Your turn, what comes to mind when you see this picture?